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Shenzhen Huabai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: A District, 4 building, B2 tower, seven new technology park, Nanshan District science and Technology Park, Shenzhen.


Shenzhen Huabaian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a computer software enterprise providing intelligent system integration and intelligent community cloud platform services, and a high-tech enterprise at Shenzhen and state level.

Huabaian attaches great importance to personnel training and technological research and development, has obtained 16 software copyright, 13 external appearance patents, 25 invention and utility model patents. Huabaian and Shenzhen University have jointly established a production, teaching and research base, and have made a number of technological innovations in the field of smart families. Huabaian's own cloud intercom solutions, from Android devices to cloud communications, business processes and mobile phone client APP can provide personalized customization. Huabaian Android visual intercom system can be seamlessly docked with a variety of smart home, intelligent pension, intelligent property management, community O2 and other system modules. Huabaian intelligent building entrance guard intercom products mainly include: based on CPLD and differential transmission technology X5 system, based on Linux all digital technology X6 system and based on Android technology A8 system.

Huabaian has more than 20 direct service organizations in China, providing technical support for developers and integrators. Since its inception, Huabaian has been awarded the "Top 100 Enterprises in China's Real Estate Industry", "Top 100 Enterprises in China's Security Industry", "Top 10 Enterprises in Building Interview", "Guangdong Province Respecting Contract and Keeping Credit", "China Smart City Construction Recommendation Brand", "Ministry of Commerce AAA Enterprise Credit Rating" And so on. As the vice chairman of Shenzhen Security Association, Shenzhen Internet of Things Association and Shenzhen Smart City Construction Association, Huabaian extensively carries out technical cooperation and exchanges with its peers, constantly innovates, and contributes to building a smart community and harmonious society in China.